Interview with Doctor Truman Berst discussing the prescribed medications that are killing the population while giving ancient remedies for the common illnesses. The Most High gave us the herbs of the earth to heal us.

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WEBSITE Doctor Truman Berst  The European Roman      Gentile creating      Flu vaccines     To destroy the         GOD GENE

The Anti-God Gene….Pentagon’s “FunVax”: Anti-Religion Vaccine; Documents, Video Reveal Aerial Vaccination Agenda/Plan

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 Do not think for one second this decade old technology is NOT being used on Us as well       to keep us from attaining higher   consciousness and keeping the sheeple      dumb, numb and mentally confined.

     It is the stated goal of the Society of      Jesus, Jesuits, to annihilate all other   religions but Roman Catholicism. Jesuit   Priest Fr. Xavier created the word Vaccine.

This is being done because the God of the true Jews are now wakening up his peoples all over this world were they were scattered throughout this world amongst the Gentiles

Remember what they did to our brethren Gad with the the smallpox blankets