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 Back in the year 2016 I asked the Most High our God  a question concerning the miss  treatment we were receiving by the hands of the Europeans                                     .

                           The Most High, through his holy spirit lead me to this  URL: Once I got there, I began to listen to the teachings of these brothers, the question on my mind was answered, not only was the question answered,  I found out we are the children and offspring of the Hebrews that  the God of Israel brought out of bondage by the hand of Moses, a Negro that they may receive the laws of our God and to serve the most High in the wilderness  before they entered into the land of Canaan, name after one of Ham sons Genesis 10:6 Our Folks of the Northern tribes of Israel were move off the land first in 721 BC, then later the southern tribes of the house of Israel consisting  of ; Judah, Benjamin and Levi was move out in 70AD by the European Gentile Roman Army seeds of Esau, the so-called white man, because they began to worship other gods, and continues the same practices today   I AMERICA known as  the Daughter of Babylon on slave ships during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade fulfilling Deuteronomy 28:68. They were  the southern tribes of the house of Israel consisting of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi.   

 I learn about the Northern tribes of of the house of Israel that came here in 721 BC before the  Roman Europeans Gentile came here and took the land and destroyed millions of our peoples I learned our Father sent Christ to the lost sheep of the house of Israel: Matthew 15:24

 We are the children and offspring's of the house of Israel.

 I learned the true name of our God, they suppressed for hundreds of years to keep us from calling on the name of our God: His name:  “AHAYAH ASHAR AHAYAH. The same name our ancestors call on before the Gentile European Roman strip them of just like they strip us of our identity.

                                     I  learned the true name of our saviour: Yashaya Christ:

       I learned that the so-called African Americans are the true Jews of the tribe of Judah

And our Saviour  Christ, came out of the same tribe of Judah,  Hebrew 7:14 For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Juda; of which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning priesthood.

This Church is proving it’s love for Christ and the Father by keeping the commandments and feeding the lamb, /sheep’s . John 21:15-17  

It was written in the book of Enoch 104:12, that books shall be given to righteous and the wise to become a cause of joy and uprightness and much wisdom.

13.And to them,” The Gathering of Christ Church” shall the books be given, and they shall believe in them and rejoice over them, and then shall all the righteous whohave learnt therefrom all the paths of uprightness be recompensed

 “Those that are keeping all the laws and annual feast of the Most High found in Leviticus 23 and keeping them on the correct time they are being observe in Heaven” who have learnt there from all the paths of the uprightness be recompensed.”The Remnants of The House of Israel, Will Have The Truth At The End.”

                                                 THIS IS THE CHURCH

 Those's of us seeking to reclaim our inheritance; our identity, and the promises given to our Grand father Abraham, pass down to our father Isaac on down to us Jacob/Israel we must repent, stop breaking the laws of our God, the God of Israel and be baptize denouncing all our sins and pagan relglous practices forced on our ancestor's and past down to us  that’s living today in this sinful generation: For Baptism contact the  South branch church by clicking on the banner below, once there, please follow instructions

Welcome Back Home Judah and Israel.



           Feast of Tabernacles sermon…9/21/2019


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